Easy Peasy Natural Litter

What is Dofu Cat?

When it comes to the happiness and health of your beloved furry friends, Dofu Cat presents excellent solutions – low-dust, eco-friendly options that not only enhance your cat's well-being but also provide a more sustainable and enjoyable litter box experience.

Dofu Cat Bean and Coffee Litter

Dofu Cat Bean and Coffee Litter introduces a new and effective solution to combat bad smells associated with traditional cat litter. With the naturally deodorising effect of decaffeinated coffee grounds in its clumping and 99% dust-free formula, this litter not only makes cleanup a breeze but also leaves your cat's space smelling fresh and cosy. It's a budget-friendly way to keep your cat happy and your home smelling great.

Dofu Cat Cereal Litter

Dofu Cat Cereal Litter is made from fibres commonly found in your morning cereal, including wheat, corn, buckwheat, and more. This natural blend gives strong clumping and easy-to-scoop cleanup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for cat owners. Enjoy a new eco-friendly litter solution for your furry companions.

Dofu Cat Tofu Cat Litter

Made from edible-grade soy pulp, this strong-performing litter is not only safe for your cats. Our Tofu Cat Litter is a sustainable choice that aligns with your love for animals and the environment. It’s the perfect choice for your cat's daily comfort!

Why Dofu Cat?

  • Quick-Clumping and Highly-Absorbent
  • Cleanup becomes a breeze with the quick-clumping, highly-absorbent pellets, ensuring a hygienic environment for your cats.

  • Easy to Scoop
  • Lightweight pellets make for easy scooping, making sure the litter box chore is as easy as can be.

  • Flushable and Compostable
  • Feel good about your choices with our flushable and compostable litter. It's not just cat-friendly, it's earth-friendly.

  • Great Odour Control
  • Bid farewell to unpleasant odours with Dofu Cat Litter's odour control, creating a fresh and clean atmosphere in your home.

  • 99% Dust-Free and Low-Tracking
  • Experience the joy of a dust-free environment, keeping your home clean and your cats happy. No more dusty trails to clean up!