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Enjoy free shipping anywhere in Canada and the USA when you buy 6 bags of litter. Shipping rates are calculated at check out. Allow 2 days to process your order. 

Within BC - around 3-9 business days
Outside BC - around 3-9 business days 
USA and worldwide - around 5-9 business days

A bag of Dofu Cat Tofu Cat Litter lasts approximately three weeks to a month for a single-cat use. Please follow our instructions on the back of the packaging for best usage. 

This question deserves a full story on its own. Most importantly, Dofu Cat Tofu Cat Litter offers many benefits for us cat owners and our cats. It is all-natural, non-toxic, and 99% dust-free, which is great for those sensitive noses and paws. Dofu Cat lightweight litter pellets are quick clumping upon contact with pee and dissolve in water, which means you can flush it down the toilet safely and reduce your contribution to landfills. We ask that you check with your local municipality on the safest way to dispose of used litter.

Yes! Your best bet is the bigger Dofu Cat Tofu Litter bag at 13.2lbs.

Keep Dofu Cat Tofu Cat Litter in its original zipper bag and in a cool, dry place. 

Dofu Cat Litter is water-soluble, and a small amount will disintegrate in the water to flush down the toilet. However, we recommend doing so if your cat is strictly an indoor cat (outdoor cats may get infected with toxoplasmosis outside). We ask that you check with your local municipality on the safest way to dispose of used litter.

Tofu Cat Litter, like all cat litter, is not meant for consumption. While it is non-toxic and made with natural ingredients (soy, corn starch, and guar gum), Tofu Cat Litter is not food for animals or humans. Your cat may get a tummy upset if it does eat it.

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