Essential Products from Canadian Businesses for Happier Cats

Bringing home a new cat can be overwhelming with all the information and considerations involved in their care. Without a clear guide, it’s easy to feel unsure about meeting all their essential needs. Thankfully, Canadian brands have stepped up to the challenge, creating products that cover all the basics to ensure your cat’s well-being.

  • Bailey Cat Co - significantly improve your cat's health? Establishing a daily brushing routine helps remove fur, resulting in a healthier coat that sheds less, reduces allergens, and minimizes hair ingestion during grooming.

    This Canadian business has made waves in educating cat owners about the benefits of regular grooming and has become a favorite among cat enthusiasts. Explore their range of products and treat your cat or dog to their own Bailey Brush.

    Establishing a daily grooming routine is crucial, especially for young cats whose behavior can be unpredictable. Experts agree that consistent routines contribute to a happier cat and ultimately foster better behavior and obedience in the long run
  • RYERCAT - When the founders of RYERCAT experienced their own cat's struggle with dental disease, they were shocked to discover its commonality among cats and the associated high costs of dental care.

    This Canadian business has innovated a toothbrush uniquely designed for cats, and they are on a mission to educate cat owners worldwide about enhancing their cats' oral health. Get your cat a RYERCAT toothbrush today!

    By establishing good dental hygiene habits early on, you not only improve your cat's health but also save significantly on costly dental treatments in the future. This leads to a happier cat and a healthier bank account!
  • Dofu Cat - When they welcomed their first foster cat, Stanley, he arrived with a dusty box of litter that left tracks all over the house—from the couch to the bed. Discovering the dusty and chemical-laden nature of most cat litters, they embarked on a mission to introduce a natural alternative that is safe for both cats and humans.

    This Canadian business produces a top-quality, completely natural kitty litter made from food-grade materials, ensuring it is safe for the planet. Grab your bag of Dofu Cat Litter.

    Switching to a natural and sustainable litter like Dofu Cat is not only safe for you and your pet but also beneficial for the environment. Making the switch is a clear choice for conscientious pet owners.

  • Custom Cat Cribs - Brad, a creative genius, has built his business from the ground up, much like his meticulously crafted cat trees designed with the happiness of cats in mind. These trees provide essential stimulation and comfort, making them a must-have for every feline.This Canadian business is constantly innovating, creating, and expanding its offerings, so explore their website and get yours while you can!

    Cats naturally need to climb and scratch, and without a proper outlet like a tall cat tree, they may resort to scratching furniture out of boredom. Starting your cat off right with toys and cat trees not only keeps them entertained but also encourages learning and growth. A stimulated cat is a happy cat.

  • Cyclic Journeys - The world needs more brands like Cyclic Journeys. Most pet products, typically made of plastic, contribute significantly to plastic pollution. Plastic can also harm pets, with plastic particles found in their tissues and feces. Cyclic Journeys aims to eliminate plastic from pet products, starting with essentials like litter boxes, which can deteriorate from acidic cat urine and release harmful microplastics.

    Each starter kit from Cyclic Journeys includes all necessary items, offering long-term savings while promoting sustainability—one cat at a time. A healthy cat is a happy cat, so get your sustainable starter kit here.

Incorporating these five essentials into your cat's life ensures their happiness while supporting an environmentally conscious lifestyle. From regular grooming to eco-friendly litter choices, every decision matters for your cat's well-being. Follow these Canadian businesses' journeys on social media and give your cat the best life possible!

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