100% Natural Cat Litter

Feel Good Litter


Kinder to All

Kind to Cats

Kind to Cats

Our products are carefully crafted to be gentle on their sensitive noses and paws.

Kind to Their Humans

Kind to Their Humans

Easy to scoop clumping litter and its low dust and low tracking benefits means less mess to deal with!

Kind to Our Planet

Kind to Our Planet

Dofu Cat litter is made with the leftover fibres from food production (tofu, noodles) that was meant for landfill.

100% Natural. Minimal Ingredients.

Experience effortless litter box care with our powerful, natural formula that eliminates cleaning hassles

99% Dust-Free

Great Odour-Control

Easy to Scoop

Low Tracking

From Our Customers


Hassle-free, natural, and flushable! Dofu Cat controls odor like no other. Minimal dust for weeks. All my cats love it, but I'm the biggest fan. The best cat litter out there!

Anna Jakubowski

My cats and I absolutely love Dofu Cat litter! One bag lasts amazingly long! I thought I'd need more in 2 weeks, but it lasted 4 an a half weeks! Plus, it's eco-friendly! We're all happy. What more could I want?

Ava Peck

This litter is fantastic! Clumps well, no odor, lasts longer than expected, and it's flushable! My kitty got used to it right away. I just wish it was more widely available. Well done Dofu Cat!

Patti Parsons

Fantastic company! Pleasantly surprised by Dofu Cat's kindness and great customer service. Their natural, ecological, fragrance-free litter is a game-changer. Tested it with our cats this week, and they love it as much as we do!


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