The Best Canadian Pet Brands that Want Happier and Healthier Cats

1. Bailey Cat Company

The Bailey Brush, made from silicone, is the perfect tool for removing fur and is considered the best cat brush available. Located in Canada, Bailey Cat Company has designed and patented this brush. Loved by thousands of pet owners, it’s gentle on cats’ skin and helps reduce shedding and harmful hairballs.

2. Dofu Cat

Dofu Cat Litter is 100% natural, made from food-grade ingredients, making it a healthier option for everyone. Based in Canada, Dofu Cat Litter is 99% dust-free and even comes in unique varieties like decaffeinated coffee and cereal!


RYERCAT toothbrushes have taken the world by storm with their design of the world’s smallest cat toothbrush, ideal for all cats. This Canadian company is rapidly gaining popularity across Canada and the US. Available in several beautiful colors, RYERCAT also provides free guides and tutorials on brushing your cat’s teeth, along with high-quality Silvervine Dental Sticks to keep your cat happy and healthy.

4. Custom Cat Cribs

Located in Canada, Custom Cat Cribs combines artistry with feline comfort, offering custom-made cat trees and furniture that cater to your cat’s need for scratching and climbing. Known for their unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship, these cat trees come in beautiful themes, vibrant colors, and innovative styles you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Cyclic Journeys

Cyclic Journeys, based in Canada, has created the world’s first Sustainable Cat Starter Kit, addressing the issues associated with plastic cat products. Made from durable materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and bamboo wood, these products are designed to last. The kit transitions seamlessly from kitten to adult cat, so you won’t need to buy new supplies. They also go beyond sustainability with plastic-free packaging, an e-book on sustainable cat care, and they plant a tree in your name with every purchase.